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DescriptionStay cool at home or  work with the OX 18 plus with 90o oscillation. it is user friendly, easy to disassemble and assemble. There is a stand that holds the fan in firm to prevent falling and also allows easy rotation. It can be used in office, bedroom, living room and for outdoor activities.
OX 18” Standing Fan 
AC power
3 speed choice
90° vertical and horizontal rotatable and can direct airflow to any angle you want
Rated Voltage AC 230V 50Hz
Rated Power 92W
Rated Current 0.471A
Capacitor Max. Temperature: 70° C
Min/Max Height : 88 – 138cm
compact and lightweight.
provides strong wind power with adjustable settings.
Ajustable Pedestal Fan
With the sturdy regulable hole, you can easily adjust height from 3.5 to 4.5 feet, and the up/down tilt also give you convenience for better use, whether you’re resting in your tall bed or doing yoga on the floor.
Powerful Pedestal Fan :Features a 3 high quality blades , this powerful pedestal fan covers up to 19 feet when on a high setting.Comfort Control Pedestal Fan: Perfectly sized and powerful enough to distribute air across the room. Creates just the right amount of white noise for a peaceful night sleep.
3 SPEED SETTINGS: Just by rotating the control knob, this simple-to-use basic stand fan is a great value for creating a cooling breeze in both small and large household spaces.
WIDE-ANGLE OSCILLATION: The 90° wide oscillation feature and the adjustable tilt option, provide movement from side to side, circulating air throughout the area. This makes the fan great for any space.
STRONG PERFORMANCE: specially-designed BRUSHLESS DIGITAL AC MOTOR and air blades, quiet but powerful while generating a stronger airflow. This pedestal fan not only lowers energy bills but is also safe while in operation.
3 SPEED SETTING: This fan provides 3 speed settings/3 wind modes. You can easily optimize the cool airflow through adjustable speeds.
ULTRA-QUIET PERFORMANCE: The quiet operation offers ultimate silence at each level of speed; ideal for home or office.
·         3-Blade oscillating pedestal fan with automatic oscillation and adjustable height and vertical angle
·         Engineered for whisper-quiet operation; High quality silent motor works at low noise level
·         3 power settings, and 3 breeze modes (nature, sleep, normal) with wide oscillation for cooling medium to large rooms
·         Easy digital operation, auto on/off timer, and remote control for changing modes from across the room
·         230V / 92W power consumption

Key Features

  • Elegant and Stylish Design90° Oscilation
  • Rust Free Guard Net
  • Unique Fan Base
  • Adjustable Height
  • First Class Quality
  • Powerful Wind Delivery
  • covers up to 19 feet when on a high setting.
  • What’s in the box
  • Fan bass
  • Fan head
  • Fan rod/telescope
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