Lontor rechargeable hand fan

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Battery Capacity: 3.7 1500mAh(lithium battery)

Battery Recharge Circle: 500 times(or more)

Operating time:

1. Fan in 3 speed:1hour

2. Fan in 2 speed:2hour

3. Fan in 1 speed:5hour

Switch Feature: Press power switch to turn on/off the fan and adjust the fan speed

Charging time: 3-5hours

Size: 4inches

Battery Maintainence:

1. Charge for 8 hours before first use

2. Charge in time before the fan cannot work normally

3. Charge every 3months if not in use for a long time

4. When the product battery is low, please do not use it while charging, otherwise it will damage the battery life


1. Children Should be under supervision while using the fan

2. To avoid electric shock, do not take the fan apart without the help of qualified person

3. Please recharge the product after use

4. Please do not remove the battery and use the computer or adptor to supply power directly

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